Wing Sweep Check

Level the glider before performing the check.  The level is place on the keel between the downtube attachment point and the rear wire attachment point.


Measure from the front of the keel to make the limit marks.








Marks on the keel for the forward and aft limits for wing sweep.  The forward mark is 230cm from the nose, the rear mark is 233cm.







String attachment point on the left hand number 9 rib.  Hook the string through the hole in the rib cam and stretch the string to the right hand number 9 rib.  Look at where the string crosses the marks on the keel.

Before you can adjust the wing sweep, you have to de-tension the wings.  You can leave the rings attached.  Remember to put the keel back on the ground so the wings don't fall when you de-tension the nose catch. 

To change the wing sweep takes a combination of nose catch adjustment and ring attachment adjustment.  For each turn of the nose catch, the sweep moves about 1.5cm (.6").  Tighten the nose catch to move the sweep forward and loosen to move it aft.  If the ring tension is not adjusted at the same time, the sweep will not move very much.  This adjustment may take some practice to get it correct.  If done incorrectly the sail will wrinkle or the spar will bend too far rearward.  If you tighten the nose catch and the sweep did not move forward much, you probably need to loosen the ring attachments.