After trees seasons on my VR, my flap rope started to cut into the basebar where it exits at the cleat.  In addition, after the second season my cleat would not longer hold my 2mm flap rope.  The stock flap rope is 3mm.  I prefer the 2mm size because it is easier to pull. 

I installed a second cleat in series with the first cleat.  The second cleat is some type of plastic that shows no sign of wear after one season.  I purchased it from West Marine.  The cleat is made by SeaDog.  Their part number is 002040-1.  The West Marine part number is 115675.

To prevent the flap rope from cutting into the basebar I installed a 1/4" stainless steel tube about 1" long with a flair on the end. 

I drilled into the original plastic tube that carries the flap rope with a 1/4" bit.  The hardest part was cleaning out the plastics bits which tended to clog up the hole.



Sleeve installed with the original cleat.

This is how I solved my worn cleat problem.  I purchased a plastic cleat from West Marine.  The cleat is made by Seadog PN# 002040-1 UPC# 0 35514 00206 6.  I filed down one end of the cleat so it would fit inside the cleat fairing of the base tube and up against the existing cleat.  Make sure you file the correct end of the cleat.  If you file the wrong end the flap rope will not hold.  The cleat is held in place by only one screw as seen in the picture below.  The screw is a tapered head wood screw.  The other end is wedged in the cleat fairing.  My original cleat lasted 2 years before it would not longer hold the flap rope.  The plastic cleat is going on its third year with little sign of wear.  


This picture shows the finished installation.